Sunday, March 14, 2010


I wana tell u guys about our national bird Peacock. Because of raining in couple of past days, i am thinking about that view how peacocks come out in my country (India) in rainy season. Generally before the rain came they give us intiuation by their joyful voice that rain is going to come. They do dance in groups by scattering their feathers in semi circle shape, that view is so lovely. It seems like you are watching a seen of heaven. I feel good that Indian Govt. Put banned on hunting that bird. I just wana tell u one thing that when peacock die, It loose the wings and that wings used for holy purposes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hello everybody. How are you. I hope you gys are enjoying the rainy day. But for me it was a very horrible day because every saturday and sunday i want to spend more time in the church. so because of the rain I did not go to church. I want to go for shopping today But because of the rain I did not go for shopping too. But I enjoyed with my kids and I spend whole day in cleaning and cooking. But I really miss my church. Tommorow is also raining so I feel so bad about my weekend . I will trying to go church tommorow but lets see what happenes . Tommorow is my nepew birthday . He is 7 years old. so I am trying to give him a surprise but I did not bought any gift for him. So may be I can go tommorw for bying a gift for him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite dance

Hello everybody. I want to talk about my favorite dance that is indian giddha. Gidda is a Folk dance. it leave plenty of margin for the depiction of grace and elesticity. in India the women perform mainly on festival and marriage . Giddha is danced in circle. The girls form a circle when they started dance one girl come forwrad to sing a little song and the other girls keeping time by clapping. I really like that dance. But in NY I never seen in any occasion, but sometime In my house when all relatives are coming for small tea party then we celebrate the party by doing giddha.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my first day in the NY

Hello evrybody . I want to tell you about my first day in NY. My all In-law relative are in NY. After marriege I came hear with my husband. it was very funny day because my all in law realative called me we are coming to pick you up and we want to give you surprise. I said okay and I was started thinking about the surprise. Because Iwas the new person in the family , so everybody was very excited an dwaiting for our flight. But our flight Landed 2 hours before the exact time. It was very funny we did not called at home. We just took taxi and came to home. When we reached at home everybody was shocked. Everybody said What happened youur flight time was at 4'o clock. So we gave the surpriseInstad of my family which were thinking to gave surprise to me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello everybody . good evening . because my computer was not working from last 3 days , so that i did not write any blog on the computer. I just want to tel you Today i am really impressed by pablo speech. I just started exercise almost from last 2 weeks. I am doing exercise just one time a day an djust only for 30 minute. But because of the speech I am excited to do more exercise. From today I decided to do exercise 2 times a day ( morning and evening). My kids are doing the exercise with me . I think they really enjoyed the exercise. I hope so I can do it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello everyody. Good morning. How are you. I hope you gye's are enjoying the weekend . Today is very nice weather. My kids are very excited to go out. They get up early in the morning and took shower. They want to go for shopping but Iwant to go church first. Every saturday I am very excited to go church because of the weekend so many people are coming over there. Becaus there is big festival in the weekend ,and i can participate all the religious activities and preapring and serving the food over there. Also in our church they collect the cloth and food for haiti so i want to take participate in that.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

About my topic

Hello everyody. How are you. Today was my sppech. I was very upset last night. I could not sleep last night. I do not know how was my sppech. But i really liked carolina speech because she incourage me to do help the needy people. I always like to do the help of needy people but carolina's speech give me a strenth to do this . I really want to start that. Last week in our church they collect some stuff for haitiand i participate in that . I bought some medician for the haiti people and i collect so many cloth for the people. Also I bough some food for the haiti people. I really like that.